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The news is bad. All bad. If the Dow is up, it’s bad. If it’s down, it’s worse. Have you noticed that restaurants with televisions never show the nightly news? You’d lose your appetite.

As a business owner, times have never been tougher. You may have noticed you’ve got a short temper and a shorter fuse. (Ask your spouse if you’re not sure.)

Have you noticed a change in Ms. Jones’ mood, too? Does she complain more? Does the tiniest thing send her into a tizzy? Are her expectations growing as her bank balance is shrinking?

Money may be scarce, but information is plentiful. Ms. Jones can become an expert on the internet and the world is her marketplace. Is she more demanding? We’d better get used to this, because it won’t change with the economy.

Is Ms. Jones cranky? Are you? Is your staff? What can you do differently to end the crankiness before it starts – what annoying policy, what lousy vendor, what service restriction (no returns, restocking fees) can you eliminate to make the way smoother?

Eeking out an existence isn’t fun for anyone. Are you making time to rest, relax and recharge for yourself,  your staff and your family? How can you help Ms. Jones do the same?

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