4 Content Ideas to Increase the Exposure of Your Business

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If you have not been thinking about how content can help your business you should start right now.

Internet tools like social media and blogging are great equalizers for independently owned retail furniture businesses.  With consistent effort and proper use, even the smallest retailer can look just as big and just as tuned in to consumers as any other retail operation.  So…if you are already involved, congratulations!  You are ahead of most of your competitors.  If you are not yet involved, don’t worry.  It’s easy to create a plan to get started.  In either situation, here are 4 types of content for blogs that will help you increase your store’s exposure through greater reach and search-ability.

White papers

This takes time and effort to research viable topics but it’s worth it.  A white paper is an authoritative guide or article that positions your store as a source of valuable information.  Make a PDF that can be downloaded of link to a document on your web site that can be printed.  You can gather email addresses for prospects in the process.  New content and driving traffic to your web site improves SEO.

Recognition lists

These are just lists of other blogs or website addresses that your customers and prospects would find to be helpful.  Think about local, non-competitive products and services that are related to the home…landscapers, appliances (if you don’t sell them), house painters, remodelers, etc.  Develop relationships with those businesses you know and trust well enough to expose them to your customers and prospects.  Blog readers often share this information with others leading to improved SEO.

Step by step guide

As the name implies, this is a straight forward “how to” approach.  The furniture business is ripe with topics…arranging living room furniture; cleaning upholstery; accessorizing your home, and many more.  Once again you become an expert, trusted source for good information that is used and shared by readers.


Simply, a video blog.  There can be some cost here but 51% of marketers using video say it has the best ROI of any content type with reports of shares generated increasing up to 1200%.  Once created videos can be shared on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. vastly increasing exposure opportunities.

At R&A Marketing we help our customers avoid the kind of marketing pitfalls that cost time and money.  We have been working with retail clients and improving their bottom lines, since 1984.

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