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Mailman. Grandfather. Hairdresser. Mall. Park. Home. Purse. Computer. Idea.

Nouns like these are what the world is made of. Adjectives tell us more about nouns: Reliable. Kind. Cute. Convenient. Fun. Two-story. Leather. Digital. Good.

But a world full of modified people, places and things is dead without life-giving verbs. Words like deliver. Love. Beautify. Shop. Play. Rest. Carry. Compute. Conceive.

You probably advertise nouns, with lots sparkling adjectives. Great service! Low payments! Stylish products!
But Ms. Jones needs some verbs. Great service to help you make a decision. Low payments to save you money. Stylish products to add spice to your home.

She needs verbs to tell her what to do: come, visit, browse, call, look, buy.

Are your ads grammatically correct? How about your sales approach? Do you talk about nouns, or do you give her something to do?

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