To promote or not to promote? That tis’ the question

In our dealings with retailers on a daily basis we are confronted with the conundrum that is “I don’t want to run a sale but I don’t want to lose a potential sale. Can you help us accomplish this?”

If we wanted to land every piece of business (temporarily) our answer would be “Yes, we most certainly can!” However, we would be misleading the notion that is an impossible outcome. So, our answer is, “Yes we can but you cannot afford to spend enough to out shine the noise of ‘sale, sale, sale’ that dominates the retail landscape”.

eCommerce or Die—Advertise to your site, then to your store

Life was easy back in the day, or at least, that is what I am told. I have only been actively engaged in this industry since 2008 and as you can imagine I have not seen the “easy days” of this industry. I have only seen the retail of today which can prove to be complicated, hard acquisition and slow growth.

eCommerce or Die—Your customer now is your customer online

More often than not in our ventures with clients we hear that we need to target our “online customer”. There is a perception in the marketing world that your online customer is different from your offline customer.

To some degree there might be some truth in that in regards to how they absorb information verses online or offline. However, the amount of money or style of product they might be trying to purchase does not change online or offline.

eCommerece or Die–You Would Expect Me To Say That

Now, you would expect a young gun in the retail marketing industry to tell you that you are nuts to not sell online if you want to stay in business. Well, that is 100% true because you are not nuts if you want to stay in business.

However, if you have no intentions of continuing your business then we suggest not investing the time, energy and resources into selling online because you will fail.

Don’t Aim for Consistency, Aim for Cohesion in Social Media

Don’t Aim for Consistency, Aim for Cohesion One of social media’s best qualities is content: creating it, sharing it and engaging with it. Quality content will inspire, inform, educate or even entertain your customers (and if you’re really lucky, it does all four!). So if you’re looking to engage with your customers to keep them […]

New Economy. Same Hard Work.

Take a deep breath. You are making it. You are cutting back on expenses. You are moving forward with the retail environment that was thrust onto you. You are surviving a business climate that many could not.

Retail is recovering. Ms. Jones is beginning to buy something. Your operating procedures, pricing, marketing strategy, and business have changed. What do you do with it now?

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