How to Increase Website Conversions

Increase website conversions today

Website conversions can make your company’s goals a reality, but converting website visitors into leads can be more difficult than expected. We take an in-depth look at the secrets marketers use to increase website conversions which can ultimately lead to an increase in sales for your store. Check out these tips you can implement on […]

Message and offer are different things

Retail has a unique opportunity due to the increasing population and influx of dollars in the marketplace to customize a message that speaks to all four population targets while laying the foundation for future success. From a pure dollars standpoint, furniture retail, is ripe for expansion in the coming years even with the inclusion of […]

Get into the consumers home and you win

Recently we just had a client increase their July and August traffic by 31% verses last year. Yes, that is right…31%. Why an increase in traffic?

We made a concentrated effort to get into the home of the consumer whether it was through print or online we wanted to make sure the consumer got the message in the comfort of their own home.

eCommerce or Die—Advertise to your site, then to your store

Life was easy back in the day, or at least, that is what I am told. I have only been actively engaged in this industry since 2008 and as you can imagine I have not seen the “easy days” of this industry. I have only seen the retail of today which can prove to be complicated, hard acquisition and slow growth.

eCommerece or Die–You Would Expect Me To Say That

Now, you would expect a young gun in the retail marketing industry to tell you that you are nuts to not sell online if you want to stay in business. Well, that is 100% true because you are not nuts if you want to stay in business.

However, if you have no intentions of continuing your business then we suggest not investing the time, energy and resources into selling online because you will fail.

How do you combine online and offline media to bring success?

How do you combine online and offline media to bring success? In my previous blog, we discussed the benefits to both online and offline marketing methods. In this blog, we will discuss using both offline and online strategies that will help bring your company success. Sounds impossible, but it’s not. Potential clients will always look […]

Don’t Aim for Consistency, Aim for Cohesion in Social Media

Don’t Aim for Consistency, Aim for Cohesion One of social media’s best qualities is content: creating it, sharing it and engaging with it. Quality content will inspire, inform, educate or even entertain your customers (and if you’re really lucky, it does all four!). So if you’re looking to engage with your customers to keep them […]

Opening up a can…

Six months ago Honda decided it would get social. Their new Crosstour design was to debut exclusively on a Facebook page. They put in product features, photos, and design differences from competitiors hoping to open up their world to social media users.

Giving Ms. Jones The Extra “IT”

What if you could beat that Ms. Jones to the punch? What if you could let her know that you are giving her your best deal without having to go through the questions? Enter stage right the wonderful world of promotional advertising on shipments.

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