Forgotten Advertising–The Press Release

Have you ever run a promotion that had to do with raising money for a charity or supported a local school? How did you advertise this? Did you think about writing a press release to get the word out? A press release or a news release is a written announcement directed at members of the […]

What’s UP with UPS today?

Traffic used to be king. The more people that walked through your doors equaled a higher chance of making a sale that day. Today? Traffic still rules supreme, but a good portion of your customers won’t walk through your actual doors – instead, they’ll walk through your virtual world.

It’s All About Synergy: Newspaper and QR Codes

Sometimes I wish I was Michael J. Fox and could travel back in time or even plant myself in the created reality of a TV series. I am not sure how many of you are familiar with the “Mad Men” series on AMC but it is about 1960’s America and it’s relation to an advertising agency. A big portion of the advertising elements relating to their clients is the newspaper. Much of the “real” correlations to the agency world today are attempting to convince their clients that a certain medium can work. Or they can qualify the correct audience to come into their retail/business establishment.

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