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Status symbol. Status quo. Social status.

A Ms. Jones who is motivated by “status” wants wealth, titles, attention and awards. What might this woman look like? Is she a name dropper? A brand shopper? A mink-stole wearing, Mercedes-driving socialite? Don’t be deceived by dollar signs: she could just as easily be carrying a fake Gucci bag and be up to her ears in debt.

Ask yourself, how do you feed her insatiable appetite as she shops, and does she stay satisfied when she gets home with her new furniture?

During the sale, what would make this Ms. Jones feel like “Queen For A Day?” Something simple, like an offer to take her coat? Red carpet, white glove delivery? Friends and Family privileges? A certificate of appreciation?

What features or brands do you offer that a status seeker seeks? Is she shopping for Oprah’s “favorite” things or Martha’s “good” things? How can you help her turn her home into a showcase of status?

Are you a trophy in her case?

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