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The Renaissance was an exciting time of progress in every area of society: business, government, education, families, media, religion and, especially, arts and entertainment. Minds were reawakened, cultures reborn.

Ms. Jones is shopping for her own little bit of renaissance. She’s not shopping for what you’re selling. She never simply buys a product. She only buys the way the product makes her feel. She wants a revival of her recliner, a rebirth of her bedroom. She’s shopping for a new beginning, a new ambiance in her home.

Do you sell sofas, or do you sell renaissance? Do you sell features, or do you sell feelings? Of course, Ms. Jones will have to justify her romantic impulses once she gets them home, so you’d better be prepared to back them up with some solid facts. But until then, how do you wax poetic about product benefits? Can you romanticize factoids about construction and durability and warranties and options?

Can you identify her heart’s desire?

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