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Your priorities are what you do PRIOR to everything else. Most people would say that their priority is family, or their spiritual life, or their job or maybe relationships. But you’ve probably known someone who claims “family” is their number one priority, yet they spend 60 hours at work or six hours each night in front of the television or computer.

What is the priority at your company? Let me guess: customer service. How original! You could make a nice slogan out of that. Maybe even put it on a sign at the cash register.

Now let’s put it to the test. Priorities are easily measured. All you need is a clock and a pen. How long does Ms. Jones wander through the store before she’s greeted? How long does she have to wait for an answer to a problem? How much time is spent figuring out ways to make her happier? How much time is spent complaining about her behind closed doors?

Does what you say match up with what you do?

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