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Kids just don’t think. They lick shopping cart handles and touch hot stoves, dart into the street without looking and eat Halloween candy without X-raying it first. Kids just have no concept of consequences.

Some adults live willy nilly lives, too, not knowing or caring about the penalty of their actions.

Others live intentionally. Their days are defined by goals and their success is measured in dollars or hours or the number of stamps on their passport. They understand that if they want the outcomes of health and safety, they had better follow the rules. They avoid germy toilet seats and always use their turn signals.

What is Ms. Jones’ desired outcome when she shops at your store? Some people think she wants No-No-No terms and “the area’s best selection.” Others believe she wants beauty and comfort. Still others believe she just wants to be heard. They’re all right. She’s a complex lady, that Ms. Jones!

Sometimes you have to start at the end of the equation to figure out the beginning. Not until you know the desired outcome can you plan the steps leading up to it. Your message and your media will be a lot different if you believe Ms. Jones only wants price, or if you think she wants performance.

What are your desired outcomes? Is your lifestyle getting you there?

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