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A few years ago, “home office” simply meant a scaled-down replica of the “real” office, an impressive rectangular desk flanked by bookcases with a ficus in the corner.

Today, a growing number of people don’t even leave home to go to work. They stay in their sweatpants until noon and send emails at all hours. They work… whenever.

You may know a few marketing consultants who fit this bill, none of whom wear saddle shoes. They’re also your customers. They’re the ones emailing inquiries from your website and checking prices on Google… but that’s an entirely different conversation.

Have laptops and Blackberries impacted your SOHO sales? How has your SOHO selection changed to reflect changing technology and the evolving office of the 21st century? How have office storage needs changed as smaller devices hold larger files and paperless becomes par? What’s the next big thing in trends and technology, and are you ready for them?

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