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Only 7% of your communication is verbal. Your spouse can easily attest that the other 93% leaks out in sneers, smiles, nods, nudges, signals and sighs. Oh, that damning body language!

Yet we spend gazillions of dollars verbally telling Ms. Jones what we think she wants to hear. While no one is suggesting that television and radio are unnecessary (certainly not your marketing and advertising agency), someone must ask what you are doing with the other 93% of your communication.

Certainly some of your communication is through the pictures and images in the aforementioned ads, and the signage in your store. But what else do you communicate?

What message do you send with trash in your parking lot? Torn or stained carpet? Gaps in your displays? Dust bunnies in the drive aisle? Salespeople lingering behind the back desk? Salespeople perched at the front door? Drivers out of uniform? Smelly delivery trucks?

Ms. Jones sees it all, and she’s processing every bit of your company’s body language in mere nanoseconds. Her brainwaves measurably react when what you say doesn’t match what you do. Electroencephalographs show that an area of her brain dubbed N400 reacts the same to an inappropriate word, such as “He spread his toast with socks,” as it does an to inappropriate gesture, such as nodding while saying, “No.”

Do you make her head spin?

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