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It’s always in the back. It’s never in the front. No matter how big of a hurry you’re in, you will always have to go to the furthest corner of the store to find the milk. Same goes for bread, only it’s in the opposite corner. Go figure.

We all know this clever trick of the grocery trade, and you’ve done the same thing in your store. Now, people will always need bread and milk. Food fads may come and go, but these staples stay the same. Is the same true in your store? Does Ms. Jones ask for the same thing today as she did when you laid out your current floor plan? WHY are things where they are? Do they make the most sense? Is it time to rearrange?

Diagram your store. Compare this map with your sales by category and brand. Is Ms. Jones getting a nice tour of your entire store? Is it time to move the hot categories to the back so Ms. Jones will be pulled past an up-and-comer as she makes her way to the sure thing?

This is easier said than done, I know. It’s difficult and messy to rearrange an entire store. But it’s worth it to make sure Ms. Jones isn’t getting sour milk and day old bread.

Is Ms. Jones getting a nice tour of your entire store?

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