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“International Talk Like A Pirate Day” is celebrated every year on September 19. So, ahoy! Let’s put the periscope up to your eye (not the one with the black patch). What do you see, Matey? What’s on the horizon?

Do you see land ahead? Is there an area in your market that’s growing? Or shrinking? Are there new developments begging to be furnished? Are there population shifts around good school systems? Does your marketing target these new demographics?

Do you see another ship? What’s the competition up to? Have you visited their stores lately? Do you talk shop? Do you keep in touch with other business owners? How do they compare to you? What strategic partnerships can you form?

Do you see a damsel in distress? What are the pressing issues in your community? What causes you are passionate about? Can you meet a need?

Do you see a big empty ocean? Are you running dry on ideas? Are you adrift? Do you know the trends that are coming on the horizon? How will you implement them? Where will you go for fresh eyes on your store?

It’s the lucky Captain who looks out and sees exactly what was plotted on his treasure map. The course is charted, the landmarks measured, the obstacles avoided.

Is your ship coming in?

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