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So picture yourself standing at the Starbucks counter for the first time. You want coffee, you need coffee. It smells good, it even sounds good – just walking in the door perked up all your senses. You want to get it right, make the right choice, without making a fool or yourself.

Last week we talked about how Ms. Jones’ demand for customization impacts your selection and your message. We’re living in a Starbucks world, where everything from coffee to cars can be custom-made. It wouldn’t have happened unless Ms. Jones demanded it, so she’s all in. She loves it. It’s all about her, and she’s her favorite person.

But you’re your favorite person, and you’ve got to figure out how to make a living with the constantly shifting demands of an ever-changing consumer. How can you win the heart and soul of this newly empowered woman? As much as she loves getting things her way, what scares her about it? What frustrates her? What does she complain about? What else is she asking for? What is unclear to her, what needs more explanation? What makes her hesitate?

If you can make it easy and fun for her, she’ll make it profitable for you.

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To sum up our thoughts each and every week, our CEO Kyle Doran, has decided to drop a #SumItUpSaturday that helps paint a picture on where we are heading in this year.

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