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Because I said so, that’s why.

It drove you nuts as a kid, but you use it as a parent anyway. Truth is, sometimes it’s necessary. It establishes authority. It saves time. It can save lives. Don’t touch the stove. It doesn’t matter why! Because I said so, that’s why!

So with children (preferably your own), “Because-I-Said-So” can be a highly effective tactic. It doesn’t go over so well with adults. Grownups tend to want some explanation, not to mention some respect.

Explaining the “why” and the “how” is a big part of dealing with people, whether they’re your peers or your subordinates or your customers (or your spouse).

Can you explain why you do what you do? Can you tell Ms. Jones why you don’t do certain things? Do you have an overriding purpose that answers all her “why’s”?

Can you hold every question up to that purpose and see the answer without asking your Mommy?

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