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It’s been said that “life is 90% what happens to you and 10% how you react to it,” and that attitude is more important than facts.

It’s true, your attitude can compensate for a lot of lousy circumstances. A positive attitude can see you through when things are happening to you that are out of your control. And a lousy attitude can bring you down, even when life’s not that bad.

Let’s look at this attitude about attitude from a different perspective. How does it apply when circumstances ARE in your control? Things like performing to an established standard and meeting a stated goal. Can an apologetic attitude can get someone off the hook if they haven’t met their goals? Can a cocky, couldn’t-care-less attitude take you down even if you are performing well?

Ms. Jones catches the drift of your attitude, both corporately and individually, as soon as she steps in your door. Can you use a smile to cover poor performance? How long do you think she’ll let that slide?

Your attitude is an asset, but do you let it become your excuse?

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