Realtor® Rewards

Connect with new home owners as soon as they purchase a home

Connect With
New Home Owners

Rather Than Realtors® Spending Their Own Dollars On Thank-You Gifts, Your Store Could Be Issuing A Gift Card In The Realtors® Name Directly To A New Home Owner.

The Tool Kit

Online Signup
A REALTOR® Rewards website will be created to match your look and brand.
Digital Gift Card

The REALTORS® client will be automatically sent an email with your digital gift card.​


Adjust balances by adding or removing points based on how you decide to give rewards.


Anytime a Realtor® earns points they will receive an automatic email notification with their point balance.​

Admin Login​

This is where you can see and control all of the realtors®, points, stats, and grant and reduce points.

Realtor® Login​
Realtors® can see their points, request gift cards, and contact you for support and/or questions.

Realtor® Hooks

Using our “Hooks” feature, your realtor® rewards website automatically awards points to your users.

Registrations ​

Reward your users with points for signing up for you program.

Anniversary ​
Rewards users points for being a member for each year.​

Users can earn points for each REALTOR® they refer. ​

Realtor® Rewards Partners

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Connect with new home owners as soon as they purchase a home.

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