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Furniture Focused Advertising Agency Since 1984

The actual furniture focused advertising agency that you need

For over three decades furniture and mattress retailers have used R&A Marketing to manage and grow their business.
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The Doran family

R&A Marketing is based in Columbus, Ohio has been family owned since 1984. Kyle & Kevin Doran are 2nd generation owners and have over 25 years combined experience in the industry. 

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

R&A Marketing is built on one solid foundation that successful relationships are built on trust, respect, and inspiration. Together, these values determine the impact of our accomplishments. At the core of it, it is all about service and doing the right thing for the customer.

The Yes Theory

Might be a crazy statement. But our founder (Rick Doran) lives by the statement “the answer is yes, now whats your question?” In today’s ever changing marketing/retail world sometimes the only answer is YES.

Family Business

Whether it was turn-key circular programs for large appliance and electronics buying groups in the early 1990′s, educational events and seminars in the late 1990′s or custom agency services in the 2000′s.

No Contracts

Contracts are for people that just want your money. We believe in partnerships not contracts. Beyond no contracts we will never take a penny of commission from any paid media source. Your media money is yours.

Three Decades

We have been crafting furniture advertising since 1984. We have helped thousands of retailers reach goals they’ve never dreamed of. So trust us when we say we know a thing or two when it comes to furniture retail.

We love it when you succeed.

The furniture and media landscape is shifting every day. Large regional chains like Bobs, Rooms to Go and national players like IKEA, Wayfair, and Amazon are setting out to lower price points, taking away market share and forcing you to play a pure volume game.

What we do every day for retailers just like you is to provide solutions, strategies, and technology that helps them grow, compete and own a profitable share of their market. All potential furniture buyers are not equal, and we work to bring profitable customers into your showrooms. The WHY for every one of our partners is different. But the one thing that binds us together is the common goal of success.

Since 1984 R&A’s mission has never wavered. It has and will always be “to give the independent furniture retailer a real chance at success”. We look forward to having your apart of our family business. 

Kevin & Kyle Doran
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