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You are sending people to your website. Then what?

Let’s say that you are already using email marketing, social media sponsored ads, digital display, and other forms of digital advertising to send people to your website. That’s great! You’ve already made a huge win by engaging your audience and making them interested in your offer and your brand. But what comes next?

When a potential customer lands on your website, it’s a lot like being dumped in a warehouse or stock room. That’s because your website needs to house a lot of different information so that a user can find what they need… store locations, financing information, product availability, social media links, delivery information, and much more! But if you draw in a new user and lead them directly to their homepage, they won’t know what to do from there.

Even worse, sometimes our websites showcase products that are not in-stock or don’t feature products that you used in other forms of digital advertising.

So not only can your customers be lost and confused, they may get angry that they don’t see what your digital ads promised when they clicked for more information. That’s where a landing page can help.

“Even though you’ve already made a huge win by getting customers to your website, your work is really only half complete. The next step to optimizing your digital strategy is to build a specific landing page that leads the customer down a very narrow, and very successful, path to conversion.

-Kevin Doran, Vice President & Owner

A landing page doesn’t have to be an elaborate undertaking.  A landing page is designed to give specific information about a specific topic that your visitor has already shown they are interested in. For example, if someone clicks on an ad featuring a custom design sofa, they should be taken to a page that talks more about the custom design process and prices. If they click on an ad about a seasonal mattress offer, they should be taken to a page with more information about available mattress models and financing offers.

By creating simple pages that feature up-to-date information and focus on specific products you have available in your store, you are more likely to capture the attention of a qualified buyer. And then you can make sure that the person visits your store and makes a purchase by giving them a special offer. This can be done by providing sale details on the landing page, or you can use pop-ups that show before a user exits your website.

You paid a lot of money for your digital advertising space… and it paid off! But once you have a visitor on your website, make sure that you don’t lose them. Creating landing pages for your digital ads that deliver the information your customer wants and tells them exactly what they need to do next, whether that is signing up for your email list or visiting the store. That’s the best way to ensure ROI for your digital ad dollars and website real-estate!


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