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Welcome to website version 6.0 for R&A Marketing.  What is significant about website version 6.0?

The most recent adaptation of our website came from an epiphany while I was taking a class at the Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas.  I was taking a “Web & Radio Copywriting class” and the teacher of the class asked if anyone wanted their website to be critiqued.  Upon viewing our old website the teacher posed the question, “Where is your home page?”  A humble answer of “This is our homepage” has resulted in what we are viewing today.

A primary principle that was taught at this class was that there are four primary types of personalities and they all read and react differently to the way in which a website is built and laid out.  Those four personality types are as follows:

  1. Methodical
  2. Humanistic
  3. Spontaneous
  4. Competitive

Methodical and Humanistic personality types are most likely to read through all of the content on a website because they are seekers and slow decision makers.  In other words, “show me the proof in the pudding”.  Competitive and Spontaneous personality types want to know all of the information ASAP—“tell me now, show me later”.

Our website was helpful to the methodical and humanistic personality types because we had a lot of information and it was all right there on our “home” page.  However, we were not reaching the competitive or spontaneous personality types because we could not satisfy their need for fast decision making.

What are your customer’s personality types?  Does your Ms. Jones sometimes like to walk through the entire store, inspecting every tag and asking “what have other people said about this sectional?”  Or, maybe Ms. Jones asks to have it right now and demand the rundown of features and services the moment she walks in the door?

As a retail owner you make sure your sales people understand these different types of customers and that they sell based on their observations of who this Ms. Jones might be.  Your website, home page in particular, is no different.  Don’t be afraid to change the status quo to reach all personality types.

Your website is a sales person who cannot change on the fly.  Equip your website with the tools to help land you sales.  Ms. Jones will appreciate it and your wallet will too.

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