Web Traffic Up, But Sales Still Flat?

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Don’t waste an engaged customer on your site with no technology to help convert.

All can concede that today’s customer goes online first and visits multiple online destinations before she even considers (if not at all sometimes) to venture into a brick and mortar store. What can be viewed as a hurdle can be turned into an opportunity if you have the processes and tools in place to deliver on that visit.

Technology enables us as marketers to do things we could never do before.  Reach prospects 24/7.  Deliver different messages to different target markets…simultaneously and digitally.  Provide the means for immediate response and even real dialog.  All that being said, the real success of your business depends on WHAT you deliver, not HOW you deliver it.

“Even though you’ve already made a huge win by getting customers to your website, your work is really only half complete. The next step to ensuring your digital strategy doesn’t go neglected by leading the customer down a very narrow, and very successful, path to conversion.

-Kevin Doran, Owner

You paid a lot of money for your digital advertising space… and it paid off! But once you have a visitor on your website, make sure that you don’t lose them. Creating landing pages for your digital ads that deliver the information your customer wants and tells them exactly what they need to do next, whether that is signing up for your email list or visiting the store. That’s the best way to ensure ROI for your digital ad dollars and website real-estate!

An outdated product concept, poor messaging, lousy service or other weaknesses cannot be solved by being tech-savvy.  In marketing, technology is a tool, not a solution.

The emergence of network TV in the 50’s allowed marketers access to a huge audience of potential buyers.  Yet some failed while others succeeded.  It was said that good advertising was the fastest way to kill a poor product.

Don’t fall into the trap of relying on believe just the visit to the website will do the job.  Make sure your product, messaging, distribution and service are sound and meeting the needs of your customers and prospects.  Then and only then will the amazing tools of technology available to us today allow you to create successful marketing campaigns.

R&A Marketing is steeped in the understanding of both consumer needs and technology.  Our comprehensive integrated campaigns help our clients increase sales and profits.

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