Weathering the Storm: Boosting Furniture Demand in Chilly Times

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Attention, furniture and mattress store owners! As we find ourselves in the midst of a frosty winter, it’s crucial to acknowledge the impact that weather can have on consumer behavior. With the early part of winter taking a toll on sales projections for Q1, it’s time to think outside the box and explore strategies to foster demand and make up for the difference. In this edition of Sum It Up Saturday, we’ll unravel how weather affects furniture demand and delve into actionable steps to create incremental sales lift throughout the quarter.

1. Embrace Weekend-Only Warehouse Sales

Imagine a warehouse sale as a warm haven amidst a snowstorm – a beacon of opportunity for customers seeking both shelter from winter chills and great deals on furniture. By hosting weekend-only warehouse sales, you can attract customers who are more likely to venture out during their free time, ultimately driving foot traffic and boosting sales. These events create a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to make purchases before the storm passes. Also, your media spend becomes your IQ and doesn’t create deficits in cashflow. Turn the lack of sales into a reason to clear through the overflow.

2. After-Hours Events: A Winter Wonderland of Offers

Think of after-hours events as cozy gatherings where customers can escape the cold and immerse themselves in an exclusive shopping experience. By extending your store hours during certain evenings, you create an atmosphere that is both inviting and exciting. Consider offering hot cocoa or warm cider as a delightful touch. This intimate setting allows for more personalized interactions with customers, fostering a sense of loyalty and increasing the likelihood of conversions. It also allows your sales associates to reach out to their best prospects and invite them in for the best deals. See if you can muster some last second manufacturer discounts because their commissions are hurting too.

3. Unleash Digital-Only Flash Sales

When temperatures drop, people tend to spend more time indoors, glued to their screens. Harness this behavior by launching digital-only flash sales that capture attention and create a buzz online. By offering limited-time discounts exclusively through your website or social media platforms, you can tap into the comfort of customers’ homes while driving online sales. Sell your clearance items online? Off a freezing cold coupon code that is valid during a certain time period. This will help encourage some sales while letting the register ring. Want more input on pricing your web environment? Read more —>


Overspending only compounds the efforts of diligent forecasting. The buying habits and the weather went and came without your direct marketing influence. Become smart and practical about your future spending to gain back the sales over a period of time without putting pressure on your cashflow. The lack of sales for that week only compounds future profitability so spending more money compounds the risk. If 2020/2021 taught us anything it’s that we don’t get to create demand. Outside factors foster it and our job as a retail destinations is to take advantage of it.

To Sum It Up:

Just as the winter weather can impact our moods, it also influences consumer behavior. As furniture and mattress store owners, it’s crucial to adapt our strategies to the changing seasons. By embracing weekend-only warehouse sales, after-hours events, and digital-only flash sales, we can weather the storm and create incremental sales lift throughout Q1. Think of these strategies as the crackling fire that warms up your business during chilly times. So, don’t let the cold weather dampen your spirits – seize the opportunity to grasp the pent up demand once the weather clears.

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