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“In the 1930s in New York City, users in a large new high-rise office building consistently complained about the wait times at the elevators. Engineers consulted concluded that there was no way to either speed up the elevators or to increase the number or capacity of the elevators. A designer was then called in, and he was able to solve the problem by placing floor-to-ceiling mirrors all around the elevator lobbies. People now engaged in looking at themselves and in surreptitiously looking at others, through the bounce off multiple mirrors. Their minds were fully occupied and time flew by.”

How many times have you felt like this office building manager? You can’t make the goods come faster. You can’t keep more inventory in stock. How do you occupy Ms. Jones’ mind while she waits for her new furniture? Mirrors, or smoke and mirrors, won’t work. Honesty might. Excellent communication will. Timeliness definitely will. She will have to wait, no two ways about it. Can you keep her happy while she does?

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