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Close your eyes… imagine yourself on a tropical beach… smell the suntan lotion… taste the piña colada… run your fingers through the warm sand…

Where is your perfect picture of tranquility? Maybe it’s not a beach. Maybe it’s a ski slope or a deer blind. We all have one place we would go if time, money and duty were magically suspended. But time, money and duty rarely let us off the hook. We’d better find that elusive tranquility somewhere a little more handy, or we’ll all end up with a heart attack.

Can you find tranquility in your living room? That’s where Ms. Jones finds it every day. Like you, she can’t always hop on a plane and take off to the Caribbean when life gets stressful. When she comes to your furniture store, she’s not just buying something soft to sit on. She’s looking for the props that create that carefree place of rest and relaxation in her own home.

Does your entire store ooze tranquility, from your lighting to your muzak to your salesperson’s approach to your delivery? Do your policies about price and repairs and returns give Ms. Jones a sense of safety?

Ms. Jones is shopping for tranquility. Do you have it in stock?

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