Tracking your SMS Campaign

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The most important aspect of running any advertising campaign is finding a way to measure its performance. Without measurable results, you risk wasting money on ineffective campaigns while missing out on easy opportunities to maximize the campaigns that do work.

Tracking data allows marketers to monitor a campaign’s ongoing performance and then make informed decisions on how to continue in the future. Mobile marketing is starting to become the most popular and preferred method for reaching customers. However, too many marketers are losing sight of the things that make up a good campaign, and among the most important of them is how to measure results.

To measure the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaign, you must first decide your campaign’s primary goal. Then, determine what the key performance indicators will show whether or not that goal is being met. Below is a list of steps to measuring your campaigns effectiveness.

  • Click Tracking- SMS marketing messages often contain URL links that the user can click to follow to a mobile-friendly site for more information or purchase opportunity. This is one of the most powerful ways to determine ROI.
  • Keyword Tracking- By using different keywords in different media and different locations, you can track the participation rate for each one and differentiate instantly the advertisements that are working from the ones that are not being read, heard or followed.
  • Call Tracking- Invite subscribers to call a number to request more information or complete a sale. Using a custom number that redirects to the main line is an excellent way to measure conversion.
  • Coupon Tracking- Integrating a coupon code is a great way to measure the results of an SMS campaign.

While the tracking techniques teach you a lot about individual subscribers, they also equip you with useable data about your campaign’s overall appeal, and you can use this information to reach those less active subscribers waiting for the ideal offer.

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