It’s Time To Change The Way You Think About Your Website

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Have you ever visited a website that made you feel so lost and frustrated that you just gave up and looked elsewhere to find the information you need? Unfortunately, a lot of businesses still have websites like this, where important information is buried or nonexistent and it’s difficult to tell what the business is all about.

Now it’s time to get real with yourself and ask the big question: is your business’s website making your potential customers feel lost and frustrated? Do you truly believe that your website is immediately showcasing the best parts of your business and providing answers to the most frequently asked questions you receive?

Even if you do most (or all) of your business in a brick and mortar store, it is highly likely that a potential customer will visit your website before coming to your shop. So here’s where you may need to shift gears about the way you think about your website: it’s not just a filing cabinet where you can add pages and pages of information about your business. Actually, a website shouldn’t really about your business at all—it’s about your customers.

In other words, someone who visits your website shouldn’t have to think too hard to navigate around your site. In fact, they really shouldn’t have to think at all. Just like a good employee, your website should greet a visitor with a polite introduction to your business, keeping it short and sweet. Then as they scroll down, users should be able to get a bit more information about your goods and services with the option to click and get even more information if they’re so inclined.

If a customer has a question about a specific product they should be able to do a search and find out more about it instantly. That means using good keywords in your articles and product pages. They should also be able to easily contact your business if they want to reach out to you; a comment box, email address, phone number, and link to your Facebook account will make sure that customers can reach you in a way they feel most comfortable.

The design of your website should also function intuitively in a way that customers expect it to: use a menu for the most important pages and make sure that anything that looks like a button is actually a hyperlinked button. Customers also love to see relevant images to go with your text, and they are more likely to remember information about your company if you use images. So take the time to invest in some high-quality photography that will showcase your company in the best light… trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

Another important aspect of your website is that it should work cohesively with your entire marketing strategy. With digital advertisements and social media marketing, you website is the anchor that will allow your business to thrive from a fully integrated marketing campaign. To see how custom websites are an important part of every R&A Marketing campaign, learn more about our services here. You can also contact us to discuss how you can start improving your website and your online presence today!

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