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She hitched her baby on her back and began the long walk toward safety. She walked the equivalent of 18 miles one way to take one child to safety, then she walked all the way home to get the others. She would make this trip five times, and she would do it all over again in a few days to take them more food.

The poisonous tree frog is one amazing momma!

I saw her epic parenting on Life, a new series on the Discovery channel. This episode chronicled the extraordinary strategies animals and plants have developed to stay alive as individuals and as species. This particular creature goes to enormous lengths to protect her tadpoles from threats.

Ms. Jones is always on the lookout for threats to herself, her family and her home. She would walk barefoot carrying a baby on her back – uphill both ways – to protect her family from harm.

Does Ms. Jones feel safe in your store? Does she enjoy your well-lit parking lot in a good area of town and your germ-free bathrooms? Does she know you're looking out for her best interests instead of the bottom line? Does she see how your products solve problems she didn’t even know she had? Is she confident in your care long after the final sale?

Are there any perceived threats in your store that you can eliminate? Are there any dangers you can heroically destroy?

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