A social media manager is a necessity…not a luxury

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Every business, large or small, now recognizes online marketing as an integral part of their marketing strategy.  But not every company has recognized the need to create a staff position to manage this important marketing function.  The question is…why?  Some say “I’m not sure we need a social media manager”.  Some say “We can just assign social media to our admin person”.  Still others don’t make the move because they don’t know the kind of person to look for.

The same people would never think about not having and accounting/finance staff position or ask the customer service rep to handle HR.  It is accepted that it is necessary for these important functions to have dedicated staff to properly manage them.  And so it is with social media.  Adding a social media manager to staff has these distinct benefits:

  • The Internet and online marketing tools constantly change and expand.  A person dedicated to the function is focused on keeping abreast of these changes.
  • It consolidates all online marketing to ensure continuity and consistency.
  • To take advantage of the 24/7 communication capability of the Internet, your online presence is an every hour, every day task.  A dedicated social media manager is needed to maximize your online marketing efforts.
  • A social media manager is tasked with using analytics to make campaign adjustments and measure results.
  • Most important, all these benefits lead to making your online efforts more effective in gaining prospects and increasing sales.

While the need for a dedicated, social media manager is clear, not every company can absorb the overhead immediately.  Creating a plan to make the addition when it is most feasible to do so is a step in the right direction.  In the meantime you can still get the focus on the function you need by contracting for the service from a qualified online marketing agency.  At R&A Marketing we work with many clients in this position.  Our online marketing experts create customized programs and day-to-day execution to make sure their online marketing needs are met.

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