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Sync your Wondersign catalog directly with your online store.

Wondersign + R&A Marketing

We have partnered with Wondersign to bring their powerful managed catalog management tool directly into your e-commerce website. Utilizing Wondersign’s E-Commerce Connector and Catalog Management tools you’re able to manage your product selection, set and manage your pricing terms, manage inventory, and more. 

Connecting IN-STORE and ONLINE

With Wondersign you can create high-quality product data feeds to drive online visibility and conversions via search, shopping, and social media channels. Manage channels with ease, add new targets, enhance data, experiment to gain better results, and schedule automated runs.

Wondersign is your complete end to end platform designed to be the link for retailers to their suppliers and vendors. Our goal is to help sync and manage product data across online and in-store selling channels. All with one goal in mind to help you sell more.

Barron's Home Furnishings

Barron’s Home Furnishings located in Brookings, Oregon has completely integrated their Wondersign platform into a E-commerce website.

Ecommerce Connector

Fully automated product and inventory pipeline feeds directly into your website. Any updates you make to your Wondersign account happen on your website automatically and stay in complete sync.

Catalog Management

Control what product data you want displayed on your website via the Wondersign catalog manager. Create unique feeds for multiple channels to drive online visibility and conversions.


Set up multipliers or profit margins for vendors, categories, or individual prices for single products on the fly. With POS integrations and price imports available, keep prices in sync across all channels.


Converting more customers by tapping into real-time inventory directly from brands you carry. Wondersign's real-time inventory feed allows you to see what's in stock and what's coming back soon.

Product Data

Furnish your website with up-to-date manufacturer product catalog data from top brands. Discontinued items drop off automatically, and new items get added in an instant.

R&A Wondersign Website

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