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Sell your products, share store news, and engage customers. Fully integrated with your R&A Marketing website

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Build Shoppable Emails Fast

As an online business, you need more than generic email newsletters. Our drag & drop Email Builder makes it a breeze to create campaigns with dynamic content blocks designed specifically for ecommerce. Fully integrated with your R&A Marketing website

Enjoy enhanced functionality without any complexity. The email builder gives you total control over how your emails look, no coding required.

Our team of designers will custom build your emails for you. Save time and achieve perfect consistency—effortlessly.

No need to fiddle around with images, prices, titles, and product URLs. With the Product Picker*, you’re redirected to your store where you simply click and select the products you want to use in your email, and we auto-sync all the details. You can then adjust and customize the style, colors, copy, and all other elements of the product block.

Drive sales while you’re sleeping

From cart recovery and welcome messages to customer reactivation–our Automations Library has pre-built workflows for every step of your customer journey. With drag & drop workflow editing, it’s easy to adjust and visualize the sequencing or even build one from scratch.

Choose a pre-built workflow for every step of your customer journey to improve your conversions and customer engagement. We’ve pre-built all the messages, subject lines, and workflow settings you need, so you can get up and running in minutes.

Our no-code automation editor allows you to easily build and customize an automated set of messages with your customer. Include email, SMS, and web push notifications, trigger paths according to your customer behavior, or A/B test it if you are not sure which way to go.

Tailor your special offers & incentives for multiple personalized messaging paths within a single workflow.

Capture & convert new subscribers

Capture your visitors contact details and even more details with customizable, TCPA & GDPR compliant forms and immediately start engaging them with automated messages. Fully integrated into your R&A Marketing website

Right out of the box, Your email dashboard pop ups come with beautiful images, high-converting text and great styles.

For high-converting campaigns, you often need to make sure your visitors are only getting the information they need. For the most part, your ecommerce home page or product page has too much information. Instead, you can send them to a targeted page that has one focused message. Landing page smakes it easy for you to set up your highly-focused page so you can optimize your conversions.

Your store visitors have probably seen quite a lot. Give them something fun and interesting that lets them remember your brand. The Wheel of Fortune is an interactive wheel that gives your visitors a prize in exchange for their email addresses.

Unfortunately, most visitors to your online store won’t end up buying from you the first time. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to let them go without trying to engage with them. You can use teasers for just that purpose. The teaser box can be visible around the page and be non-intrusive so visitors can keep on browsing. Use the teaser to promote your latest deals and offers, then it’s a simple click to see more and sign up.

Track & learn what’s working best

From a bird’s eye view of your aggregate sales and performance metrics to detailed campaign & automation reports, our actionable reporting tools make it easy to take data-backed growth decisions.

Easily keep track of the sales that Omnisend is driving you with spot-on revenue attribution and reporting. Keep tabs on sales generated across all campaigns and automations, and get a handy comparison to your total revenue numbers to see the full picture.

Make sense of what’s actually driving you sales with detailed revenue and engagement reports for each of your campaigns and automations.

Make data-based workflow optimization decisions without leaving the Automation Editor–the key message performance stats are built right in

Find the answers and spot the trends in a single view. The campaign and automation performance dashboards are your go-to tabs to keep track of all main KPIs and easily analyze their change over time.

Tap into omnichannel marketing

Increase your sales potential & provide a consistent, omnichannel customer experience by combining email, SMS and more channels–all on a single platform.

The way your emails look says a lot about your brand. We create custom designs for you and you can reuse as you please. If you’d rather roll your sleeves up and create a design from scratch, you can choose from our layouts and customize them in your own way

Combine automated texts with email and push notifications into a single automated workflow and provide your customers with a consistent, personalized experience.

Discover the full power of omnichannel marketing by adding push notifications into your automated workflows. Choose to combine them with email only, or use them as a fallback for automated SMS and increase your reach while keeping the message consistent.

No more spray and pray with Facebook advertisements – if you want to boost your sales, your ads should be super-targeted, just like your personalized emails. With Facebook Custom Audiences sync, it’s now possible: automatically move your customers in and out of your Custom Audiences and retarget them on Facebook and Instagram. With seamless integration, you can do all that on autopilot: you’ll not only automatically deliver a consistent marketing message, but save money and drive more sales.

We all finally agree that to generate more sales, your emails should be not only personalized, but also triggered by customer shopping behavior. So your ads should be targeted, too. With Google Customer Match sync allows you to do just that – synchronize your lists and segments directly with Google Ads. You can then use them seamlessly for retargeting in all available channels, including Google Search, Shopping, Gmail, and Youtube. No more exporting and importing spreadsheets with already outdated data!

Why Email?

Even in the age of digital media, where ideas, thoughts, and information are instantaneously exchanged – email marketing remains a vital and effective business strategy to reach and engage a target audience.


of users want their emails to have more informational content and not just product promotions.

*Adobe Blog


of Gen Z and 59% of Millennials primarily check and engage with email on their phones.



of consumers reported that they’d like to receive weekly promotional emails from their favorite brands.



Email marketing generates $42 for every $1 spent.*



of people primarily use their phone to check email.*



99% of email users check their inbox every day.*


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