Designer Rewards

Designers can receive an exclusive discount on your merchandise and earn rewards 

Connect With Designers

Interior decorators, designers and architects can receive an exclusive discount on your merchandise. Or earn rebates every-time they decide to shop and purchase from your store.

The Tool Kit

Online Signup
A beautiful stand alone website will be created to match your look and brand.
Designer Login

Your designer login is where designers can see their points and contact your for support and/or questions.

Admin Login

This is where you can see and control designers, points, stats, and grant points.


You can adjust the commission/points by adding or removing commission/points based on how you decide to give rewards.


Anytime a designer decides to purchase from you, you can enter in their points and they will receive an automatic email notification with their point balance.

Engage Promise

We’re working on new features everyday. As long as you’re a client we will never charge you more money to receive these features.

Designer Hooks

Using our “Hooks” feature, your designer club website automatically awards points to your users.

Registrations ​
Reward your users with points for signing up for you program.
Anniversary ​
Rewards users points for being a member for each year.​

Users can earn points for each designer they refer. ​

Designer Rewards Partners

Designer Rewards Demo

Connect With Designers and Create New Sales

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