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They took the city by storm. Donning hairnets and work gloves, they packed lunches at Meals on Wheels. They washed walls, swept floors, raked leaves and painted. They cleared playgrounds. They stuffed teddy bears to send to sick children. They assembled 225,000 food packages to send to Africa.

Pretty impressive for a bunch of kids.

The annual Serve-A-Thon at our daughter’s school was not only an important fundraiser, it was an opportunity to teach children and adults alike the meaning of serving while helping our community.

Does your company have an attitude of assistance, a heart to help Ms. Jones? Do you look for ways to delight her, or are you more concerned with your own comfort. I once boycotted a dry cleaner because they closed their drive through window in the winter, saying it was too cold for their employees… never mind that I had to drag a little kid out in the cold carrying a bag of clothes. Does your staff have the freedom to serve Ms. Jones in amazing and delightful ways? Name some surprising ways you could serve Ms. Jones.

Now, how can you serve each other? What can you do to make your office staff’s job a little easier? How can you help the warehouse crew? Do you serve from the top down, or do just demand that people do their jobs?

Is “Customer Service” a department or a daily way of living in your company?


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