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Put out any fires today? Bet you have. Just today I had two phone calls before 6:30 am and six emails from a friend in crisis.

Just like the friend who has problems with her kids because she never resolved to discipline them, sometimes there’s a bigger picture to consider. You can put your finger in the levy, but the dam will break sooner or later.

Ever sell the perfect solution to Ms. Jones’ problem and she’s still not satisfied? Maybe her problem isn’t that her new sofa is too big, but it’s the way her living room is arranged. Maybe her problem isn’t that her new recliners aren’t comfortable, but it’s that she doesn’t have end tables and lamps.

You can help Ms. Jones with a solution to her seating problem or her dining problem or her sleeping problem, but have you really resolved her problem? The best way to help her is to put your professionally trained eyes in her home. Before the sale is best, but after she complains is essential.

Solutions can be temporary, but resolutions are long term. The Ms. Jones who’s been resolved will be a permanent customer, too.

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