Our Top Marketing Moments of 2018

Our Top Marketing Moments of 2018

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As we closed out 2018, it was great for us to reflect back on the year’s best furniture marketing moments for our furniture retailers. We asked our client services team to share some of their most memorable moments:

1.Introducing A New Brand

We were tasked with introducing Magnolia Home for one of our clients. We decided to do a slow introduction with a large reach via mass media with a private event to follow. As a result, the months to follow led to a 35% increase in business.

2.Increasing Average Ticket

One of our furniture retailer’s average ticket needed to improve in order to increase sales. First, we were able to solve this by increasing impressions to a more qualified customer. Additionally, by marketing a better brand story and educating our buyer they increased their ticket by $102 and their sales by 14% in the first month.

3. Localizing Media

One of our more rural clients changed locations with less square footage. For that reason, we really needed to move in on a localized approach with our media selection. By utilizing their local vendors they are now having their best year yet!

4. A Top Furniture Marketing Moment: Hitting A Lifetime Sales Goal

This 2018 furniture marketing moment may top the rest. We helped one of our clients hit their lifetime sales goal this year in just 4 years of our partnership. In short, we may have brought the full court press over the last few days of the year but we did it.

5. Grand Opening Launches

We accomplished launching four grand openings this year four with different clients, which led to monthly sales increases up to 72% over the prior 2017 year.

6. Hands On Events

We’ve helped clients successfully put on events at their stores from start to finish and assisted in running the event in-store. This created customer lead generation,  long-term sales success, and boosted moral of the staff even more.

7. Stepping Outside Of A Comfort Zone

We put together a fresh story for one of our clients and leveraged media outside of their norm. As a result, this opened up real estate to better educate Ms. Jones. Furthermore, it led to huge sales numbers in November and December.


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