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Advertising Shaped Over Three Decades and Two Generations 

2nd Generation Advertising Agency

R&A Marketing was founded in 1984 in Newark, Ohio, as a print broker and design shop. Over the past 30-plus years, we have grown from a local company into a country wide industry force that helps deliver dynamic integrated marketing solutions specifically for furniture retailers.

Today R&A Marketing is built on one solid foundation that successful relationships are built on trust, respect, and inspiration. Together, these values determine the impact of our accomplishments. At R&A, we’re not inclined to exaggerate. So you can take our word when we say we’re experts at all things advertising. From an idea’s earliest stages to its full–blown execution, we think and do things differently.

We believe we help our clients through our work. Work built from behavioral observations and insights from furniture retailers just like you all across the country. Work rooted in ideas so big that the results will make you say WOW! Work that is constantly measured and optimized against analytics gathered from over 40 furniture retailers nationwide. We just don’t guess, we know! In the absence of great work nothing else matters, which is why we obsess about creating great work that works great.

When Rick Doran set out to create the advertising agency built for the independent retail owner he wasn’t aware that the first client he landed would be the industry that he would fall in love with. From that moment forward R&A Marketing has been developing effective, money-making promotions specifically intended for retailers who sell products for the home. Whether it was turn-key circular programs for large appliance and electronics buying groups in the early 1990′s, educational events and seminars in the late 1990′s or one off, custom agency services in the 2000′s R&A’s mission has been to give a retailer a real chance at success.

R&A Marketing was never intended to become a second-generation company (it just happened that way). However, this has helped grow R&A Marketing into an industry force that helps deliver dynamic integrated marketing solutions. Brothers Kyle Doran & Kevin Doran have taken R&A Marketing from an unknown dynamic advertising agency to a well recognized brand in the home furnishings industry. However, at the core of it is all about service and doing the right thing for the customer.

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