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Order in the court. Law and order. Pecking order. Out of order. Marching orders.

As much as we feel confined and constricted by order, it does make life somewhat easier to know that the stars are hung in the sky and the earth revolves around the sun in exactly the right arrangement to sustain the perfect balance of life on our fragile little planet.

Order is the who-does-what-and-when part of your company. Call it the chain of command or the organizational chart, put deadlines on it and connect all the little boxes with arrows and dashed lines if you want.

There is no order without authority. Once the authority has been clearly defined and identified (preferably with color coded name tags or forehead tattoos, so no one forgets), the authority can establish order.

Order is the pathway to achievement. Once you’ve identified the authority on a project, role, task or responsibility (pick one), identify who else is needed to get the job done. What will need to be done? When will it need done? In what sequence? What outside resources are required? How much can be spent?

Order is the framework, foundation and skeleton that holds your plans together, and it’s just what the doctor ordered.

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