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Nexus (nek’ses) – noun: 1. A means of connection, 2. a connected series, 3. the core or center of a matter or situation.

It’s the drive aisle that winds through your store. It’s the good design that enables adjacencies and flow, seamless transitions from living to dining and contemporary to traditional. It’s the “focal point” in a room. Beautiful stores and thoughtful design are crucial, and, thankfully, quite easy to achieve. Go to market and buy what’s hot, keep your store looking good. These are technicalities. You could make a checklist for it.
Now the bad news: Ms. Jones can’t see your nexus. She’s not thinking about the durable yet fashionable flooring you carefully chose. She’s not noticing how great this bedroom looks next to that living room. She doesn’t care about your signage and your portable half walls and your recliner galleries.

In fact, Ms. Jones isn’t really in your store.

Even as she walks along the rosy path you made for her, she’s connecting what she sees in your store to what she wants in her home. She’s got her own little nexus, and it’s somewhere on Main Street, USA. And that checklist? It’s only half the battle. The other half is in her head.

How are you going to get there? How are you going to get inside Ms. Jones’ head? Is there a checklist for that? Well, there is – it’s called Meet Ms. Jones™ and we can tell you all about it later. Until then, what will you do? Your four-step selling process? A selling-out-to-the-bare-walls-no-no-no promotion? Room planning? Relational selling?

How do you help Ms. Jones make that enormous leap between Furniture Store, Inc. and Main Street, USA?

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