New trends in customer service

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More and more business have finally come to the realization the providing impeccable customer service is a necessity, not just an option.  After all, business lose about $62 billion due to poor customer service performance.  Recent studies show a general improvement in how customers feel they are treated by the businesses with they interact.  Here are some of the top trends driving this change:

  1. More acceptance in the belief that value and experience are more important than price.
  2. Tools are now available to provide one-to-one personal service.
  3. Personal interaction is now being combined with AI to enhance the overall experience.
  4. More business are proactive in focusing on customer success before sales success.
  5. A recognition that convenience and immediacy are required.

One of the tools that can easily be incorporated into your customer service program is being active on social media.  Your customers are already there every day so it is an obvious opportunity for relationship building.  Using social media allows you to address problems, respond to questions and engage your customers on a real-time basis.  However, just “being there” is not enough.  You must make sure you follow through and are committed to the practice in the long term.  Then be certain you are conversational, not promotional.  Engage your customers in real 2-way conversations.  Get this right and you will create customer loyalty that product and price cannot match.

At R&A Marketing we have made the online world a mainstay of communication with our clients.  They can react to creative and planning recommendations 24/7 and provide instant feedback on the success or failure of programs as they roll out.  If you’re not getting that kind of customer support give us a call and see if we can help.

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