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Folklore or fact, you decide: The Loch Ness Monster. The president won’t sing the national anthem. Aspartame causes cancer. Bill Gates will send you money if you forward his email. The Abominable Snowman.

Folklore or fact, Ms. Jones decides: Dark walls make a room look smaller. Sofas always go against the wall. Nightstands must match the bed. You can’t mix plaids and florals.

Folklore or fact, just for fun: Low prices lure customers. Advertising creates customer loyalty. Advertising should bring immediate results. Advertising effectiveness cannot be measured. Your target customer is a 35-54 year old woman with children.

Maybe. False. False. False. Maybe (but I think it’s real).

False. False. False. False.

False. False. False. False. Who knows?

What do you believe without knowing why? Have you tested your theories lately? Most urban legends can be debunked at snopes.com or your local library.

How do you know what you think you know?

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