Must-do Advertising Strategies for 2018

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Though it now seems like the prehistoric age, it wasn’t long ago that network TV (depending on your age you may or may not remember when there were only 3 stations) dominated the media landscape and major city newspapers provided nearly blanket local market coverage.  Ah, the simple, good old days!  As you look forward to 2018 the advertising landscape is more complex than ever before and still in a state or rapid change.  That could mean trouble…or it could mean opportunity!  Here are some strategies to give you an advantage.

Be a one-to-one marketer

Technology in both platform and devices make it possible for you to be very personal with your message.  No more mass marketing with single messages that fail to recognize the segmentation that exists in any market.  Use electronic marketing tools to tailor messages and target individuals simultaneously.

Find your purpose

Why are you in the business you are in?  Why are you promoting a particular product or service?  If you think deeply about this subject you will find a core belief that goes beyond sales and profits.  In the current market the consumer is in charge and they want to know about the DNA of those with whom they do business.

Lights, camera…action!

There are multiple online platforms that allow the use of video as part of your message.   This creates the opportunity to combine the static written work with the action of media.  In addition, the search engines love video and it boosts your organic SEO.  How’s that for win-win?

Your customers want to know the next step…give it to them

What would you do if you went to a store, saw something of great interest, but did not know how to get more information or how to buy it?  You would probably be frustrated and leave.  Those receiving your marketing messages feel the same way.  Make sure you provide the next step they can take to expand their interest.  Remember that different people like to respond in different ways so give options to click, call or email.

Employ these strategies and make 2018 the year you turn the chaos of the current marketing landscape into your greatest opportunity.

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