Create an Opt in Mobile Text Marketing Campaign

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Do not let the infrastructure challenges prevent you from integrating mobile marketing into your strategy. Text messaging is an art form. Having 160 characters can limit the message, but SMS can provide helpful information to your customers, such as a delivery shipment, as well as be a great tool to use for marketing.

In the U.S. today, voice messages are decreasing just as fast as SMS messages are increasing. A way to utilize the SMS age is to identify the customer who is opting-in for messaging and capturing the redemption at checkout in a way that tracks back to that customer. You can do this by creating keywords with a text number that sends an instant reply. For instance, “Text ABCFURN to 87654 to receive a special bonus offer!” The codes can be dynamically created for the customer, but will require that the customer information be collected at opt-in. With the opt-in technology, marketers are able to match elements to customers by asking for things like names and email addresses.

Although the mobile industry is vastly expanding, it is vital to stay on top of this industry by getting involved. At the end of the day the consumer will decide whether to participate and remain in mobile programs. Mobile coupons are growing quickly and the redemption rates are much higher than other traditional forms of advertising.

Remember, that this tool is a delivery device and people have their phones with them when they enter locations, they only need to be reminded to use them.

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