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Consumers want immediate access to what’s relevant, QR codes are being used to make that possible. QR and other two-dimensional (2D) codes can be easily integrated into your current business marketing practices to bring your online content to a mobile audience in real time.

The most common mistake marketers make with QR codes is having them directed to a standard web page that is not mobile-friendly. At a minimum, the page your code connects to should be mobile-friendly.

How you can you maximize your effectiveness with QR codes:

  • Provide explanations about their use and benefits
  • Encourage actions that support your marketing plan
  • Assist the technically challenged
  • Give reasons to come back
  • Experiment with the size, location, and color of your QR codes
  • Make the process fun
  • Experiment

You want to make sure you are getting the most out of your QR campaign. Instead of a one-shot deal, make sure that your QR codes help you connect with your customers in a continuing fashion. A good way to do this is to allow them to “like” you on Facebook or have them follow your tweets on Twitter. You also want to provide great content. So if you have QR codes in your store, opt for a mobile site that gives away coupons and discounts. Do not forget to make your QR code more attractive with promises. A QR code alone would not entice people to scan it. Give them a preview of what to expect when they scan your code.

QR codes can serve a specific use for you, mostly as a lead generation tool. How are you doing your lead generation now? If you can use what is working for you now and make it better, more attractive or easier with QR codes, you are probably on the right track.

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