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If you’re not keeping up with the latest best practices, the competition is passing you by.

Your Goal. Our Mission.

Marketing isn’t “one size fits all” – one business may thrive from advertising on Facebook while others might not benefit from it at all. Some of our clients see huge returns from PPC, while it isn’t a good paid advertising option for others due to costs and profit margins.

We specialize in determining where our clients will see the best return for their marketing dollars, developing campaigns that produce results and then refining those campaigns to lower costs. We develop strategies that will grow your business and help your store thrive. Data, research, and analytics guide our process and your success.

We have been working with R&A Marketing since 2017 and our experience has been outstanding. We have found them to be very engaging and creative. Constantly providing us with new ideas and opportunities. We view their team as an extension of our team. I would highly recommend R&A to any furniture retailer looking to grow their business through outstanding marketing.
Bill Johnston
Owner - Moore's Home Furnishings
“It feels wonderful to have the support of a great team and to have a cohesive plan in place that we can work from and measure our successes and failures. It is great to work with a company who is as concerned about our business and growth as its owners do every day.”
Slone Furniture Logo - Furniture Advertising Partnerships
Michael Slone
Owner - Slone Brothers Furniture

How Much Does It Cost To Work With R&A?

Great question! The easy answer is what will it cost you by not working with R&A? 

What We Do

Plain and simple. You want measurable results. More partnership, less transactional. We create marketing strategies that are designed around you.

Strategic Planing

• Promotional Calendar and Budget built 90 days in advance of an event

• Strategic and Creative brief to accompany each suggested promotional period and element

• Coordination and follow thru from your assigned team to ensure that the promotion happens

Media Planning, Buying, And Auditing

• No commissions on any local media-everything to be billed net to the retailer when available

• Media negation and buying

• Regular audits of media to show dollar allocation correlating with performance. This allows us to be agile and continuously enhance our strategy to produce results

• We prefer to avoid media contracts to ensure fluidity of market conditions but understand sometimes it is about getting the best rate

Creative & Copywriting

• Graphic Design included (no hourly charges).

• Script Writing included (no hourly charges). You only pay for production and media

• Digital/Social Videos at no additional cost

Online Coordination

• Email and Social Strategy and implementation

• Blog Writing

• PPC/SEO Advisement

• Website Management & Development

What We Believe

The success of any relationship is built on trust, respect, and the impact of what we accomplish together. We’ve been partners with furniture retailers just like you since 1984. There is a reason why our clients are selling more and there is a reason why you’re still in business. Great things and even better partnerships don’t just happen by chance. They happen by the service, dedication, and work one person gives to another.

Growth Maintenance

We’re not the high impact sales team. We’re the team that is focused on making the retail valleys not as low and the peaks A LOT higher.

Localized Approach

We work with retailers everyday in every type of market. By combining local media and our national buying power we create an integrated marketing plan focused on producing the best possible ROI every day.

Learn And Adjust

Advertising that is constantly measured and optimized against analytics gathered from over 30 furniture retailers nationwide. We just don’t guess, we know!

About Kyle & Kevin Doran

R&A Marketing was founded in 1984 in Newark, Ohio, as a print broker and design shop. Over the past 30 plus years, we have grown from a local company into a country wide industry force that helps deliver dynamic integrated marketing solutions specifically for furniture retailers. 

Kyle Doran

Kyle has been featured in numerous furniture trade publications and has been a speaker at furniture conferences, trade shows, and markets. Kyle has also been named to the HFB 40 under 40 twice. Together with his brother Kevin, R&A manages over 12 million dollars in advertising spend for their clients generating over 200 million dollars plus in retail sales between their 70 plus clients.

Kevin Doran

Kevin has been featured in numerous industry publications and has been a speaker at industry conferences, trade shows, and markets. Kevin has also been named to the HFB 40 under 40. With over a decade of experience in the home furnishings industry, Kevin says he’s setting his sights on helping the independent furniture and mattress retailer thrive.


“R&A takes the complex challenge of marketing to today’s furniture customer and brings real tangible results to our family business. We know that we are in the hands of a family-run company that cares about us, our success, and understands furniture.”
Georges Furniture & Mattress - Furniture Advertising Partnerships
Chris Chamberlin
Owner - George's Furniture
“R&A Marketing has helped me in so many ways. Before I had the help from R&A I was struggling meeting advertising deadlines, Coming up with the creative and trying to research the latest opportunities. Not only do we now have the oversight of our marketing that the store deserves they have educated me about marketing along the way. The Proofing system is very easy to work with. I would suggest if you are trying to get the most out your marketing to at least reach out and get more info. I think of R&A as an another employee(s) that is helping us reach our business goals. Thanks!!!”
Terry Adams
Owner - Barron's Home Furnishings
“We have been a partner with R&A since 2004. Their understanding of our industry and the ever changing advertising choices have taken what was a struggling burden off of us. Having a dedicated point person in charge of our account keeps the line of communication open and accessible.”
Bostic Sugg Logo
Britt Laughinghouse
Owner - Bostic Sugg Furniture
“We have now used R&A Marketing since 2000. I can’t imagine how we could function without them. The entire body of knowledge they provide is so valuable it’s hard to quantify. The speak our furniture retail language. They understand the ever changing customer and shopping cycle. The get our market. They are apart of our business family.”
Infinger Furniture Logo - Furniture Advertising Agency - Furniture Advertising Partnerships
Bobby Infinger
Owner - Infinger Furniture
“R&A has a great knowledge of the furniture industry. This allows them to focus on and identify marketing that works in our field. You take that and combine it with an extremely talented young staff who understands the complexities of today’s medias, you are only asking for success.”
Nick & Giff Gates
Owner - Gates Home Furnishings
"R&A is not the used car salesman, the one trick pony or selling me snake oil. It is clear they are the real deal in partnership with me to make a difference for both of us. They have the skills, ideas, the plan and right people. They are good, sincere and honest. In the midst of my experience I am grateful my journey has led Gorins Furniture to R&A.”
Glen Gorin
Owner - Gorins Furniture


Our core focus is independently owned brick and mortar stores. A lot of our tactics and strategies can apply to any retailer but our focus is about driving traffic to the local retail level.
We have a Director of Retail on staff, who is a current client and has been a furniture retailer for 20 years. This person will secret shop your locations during on-boarding and also visit your other competitors. We also run your customer list through multiple profiles to get an understanding of your market verses national averages.
Nothing that we do will be better than what you do now. You are in business for a reason and probably are really good at most things in your business. What will get better is that no longer focusing on the daily aspects of marketing will only increase the likelihood of all other elements of your business success.
We won’t and if that is the solution you need then we are the wrong service for you. We build sustained and lasting growth over a period of months and years. We believe in maximizing profit while minimizing expenditure. That sort of process doesn’t lend itself to overnight success.
All medias are dead relative to the old ways of measuring and producing advertising. Today’s media landscape requires a multi-platform approach because every single media is hyper targeted. Although, print is not nearly as strong as it is used to be, it’s viewership is incredibly loyal and highly targeted. They want the platform and that means they will consume it.
We believe at least 80% of your budget should be spent on the physical medias that are running. We also aim to be spending at least 30% of the actual media costs (80% of your budget) on digital vehicles. The rest is spread out based on what the market and media availability is.
That is correct that we don’t understand the specific local media that you leverage. However, we do work with media in over 60 different markets throughout the United States. We know that although the economy of markets is different, most media rates are based on a combination of demographics available and demand. We can apply other market’s rates and demos to begin to get you the best value.
We will ensure that your cost of advertising will be between 4-6% verses total sales (including our fee as long as you spend $12,000 or more per month) and that you will always be having an event or campaign running to give you the best shot at success. Any other guarantee of success would be foolish and narrow sighted to our overall vision which is to set you up for long term success.

How Much Does It Cost To Work With R&A?

Great question! The easy answer is what will it cost you by not working with R&A?

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