Introducing the R&A Marketing Mobile App

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R&A Marketing is excited to announce the launch of the R&A Mobile App! Retailers utilizing a website through R&A can now manage their online store and catalog with ease, right from the convenience of their phone. Whether they’re on the go or simply prefer a mobile solution, our app empowers retailers to take control of their online store anytime, anywhere.

Based on the insights from insiderintelligence.com, it is projected that the average US adult will dedicate over 4 hours of their time to mobile internet usage. What’s even more impressive is that a significant portion (88%) of this time will be spent within various mobile apps. This statistic clearly indicates the growing reliance on mobile technology in our daily lives.

Here’s what retailers can do with the R&A Mobile App:

Manage Products:
Easily create and update products on the fly. With just a few taps, retailers can add new items, edit existing ones, and ensure that your catalog is always up-to-date. Plus, with built in AI (artificial intelligence) you can automatically generate product descriptions that ensures that your product pages rank higher in search results, increasing organic traffic and potential sales.

Get Notified:
Stay informed about every aspect of their online business with real-time notifications. Receive alerts for new orders, customer inquiries, and important updates so that you never miss a beat.

Manage Your Orders:
Effortlessly process orders on the go. From order fulfillment to shipment tracking, our app streamlines the entire order management process to keep things running smoothly.

Track Your Stats:
Access vital information about your store’s performance in real-time. Monitor key stats such as sales trends, website traffic, and customer engagement to make informed decisions that drive growth.

Kevin Doran, Chief Product Officer, had this to say about how the App will help retailers: “The convenience of being able to create products, process orders, and track important statistics in real-time right from your phone is unmatched. This app will not only save retailers precious time but also give them the flexibility to manage their online store on-the-go”. This powerful tool is exclusively available to R&A clients who have an R&A Website at no additional monthly cost! At R&A Marketing we believe in providing comprehensive solutions without breaking the bank.

The R&A Mobile App is available both in the Apple and Google play stores.

Click here to learn more about the R&A Marketing mobile app.

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