Importance of Integrated Marketing

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I’m sure you’ve heard the marketing community talk about integrated marketing, but have you ever wondered why it’s so important?

Integrated marketing, when done correctly, completely transforms your marketing. Meaning that it brings together all elements of your marketing plan from newspaper ads to online marketing to TV commercials. Why is this important? Because by integrating all your marketing efforts, it allows for you to have consistent messaging across all marketing channels.

When you have different messages floating about, it’s easy for your customers to get confused. They should know by the graphics and messaging in your advertisements exactly what the sale is, where the sale is taking place, how to get the savings and how to find you online.

Too many times customers get confused with multiple messages. For instance, when a store is advertising 50%, 60% or 75% off utilizing traditional media. From that message you get the customer to make some type of action.

They’re now on your website and ready to pre-shop your store or buy something right away. However, you haven’t integrated your marketing messages with your website. So now the customer is confused as to whether or not to make the trip to your store OR to buy something online.

Consistent messaging across all avenues of your marketing will help build your brand credibility. The last thing you want is a frustrated customer because they want to buy something, but they don’t know what the sale is based on due to hearing/seeing different messages on multiple media outlets.

Marketing is about keeping it simple and having the same message across all cost effective marketing channels. Don’t confuse your customer and don’t assume that the newspaper ad will be enough to bring them in the store. The one thing you should always assume is that one advertisement is never enough to make them purchase. The same advertisement across multiple vehicles is the best way to encourage a purchase.

A sound marketing plan creates synergy that enables all areas of your store to unite and generate business. This means your showroom must reinforce what you say in the market place. A sound marketing approach also considers the customer’s wants and needs, instead of simply telling them what to buy. Integrated marketing helps keep a consistent message for your customers AND it helps bring them into your store.

The future is in Complete Marketing Solutions – not advertising products.

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