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Who is stinking rich with an acerbic tongue and bad hair? Who has cheap prices, low wages and comes to a community with controversy? Where does a coffee-drinking, college-educated liberal live? It takes only a few well-chosen words to aptly and immediately convey the image of Donald Trump, Wal-Mart and Seattle.

Your company has an image, too, and hopefully it isn’t based on your hair. Your image is your history and your reputation. It’s every single solitary customer experience rolled into one. You can impact your image “in the form of advertising, community involvement and charitable contributions” (Fleischer, Jo. “Image is Everything.” Home Furnishings Business 01 Oct 2007: 36-42).

So, what is your image? What does your community think about you? Does their perception match your reality? Do they really know your selection and your price and your service and your involvement?

Is there anything you need to say or do differently to show Ms. Jones who you really are?

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