How to Utilize Your Customer List For A Growth Strategy

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First things first.  If you are not emphasizing the creation and daily nurture of a customer list, put doing it at the very top of today’s “To Do” list.

Collect email addresses, home address/zip, product purchases/dates and other basic demographic data that will allow you to segment the list for target marketing efforts.  It is a critical tool for generating growth as we will explain in this blog.

If you have done your part (and I know you have) in providing excellence in products, shopping experience and service, your customer list can be used to generate sales in a more cost-effective manner than the advertising you do to attract new customers.  Online tools allow you to implement highly targeted campaigns.

Target by geography

The data in your list is a road map for where your customers live.

Utilizing direct mail and geofencing (using GPS and other data to define where a message goes) online allow you to target your message in the exact areas where your customers live.  And since new customers tend to be similar to existing customers you reach new prospects too.  If you would like more information about geofencing contact me at samantha@ramarketing.com.

Target by purchase activity

Furniture purchases are not frequently made compared to other consumer products.  Customers last purchasing from you 3 or more years ago could be ripe for their next new furniture purchase.  Target them with messages about changes in the store and new brands and give them a coupon with a short term expiration date.  More recent purchasers (60-90 days) could also be open to suggestions for an add-on item.  A recliner with a sofa, mattress with a bedroom set, etc.  Do these things consistently and watch your sales grow.

Target with e-mail campaigns

Recent research by eDigital Research www.edigital.com , Nov. 14 preference study) shows that 60% of consumers prefer to be contacted by e-mail, so your messages are likely to be well received.  Using e-mail campaigns are also cost-effective ways to kick off a program and add urgency as the program winds down.  Your email list also provides a sound foundation for digital and social campaigns and gives you a tool for getting direct customer feedback on products, services and other needs.

Having a well-maintained customer list is only one of the marketing tools store owners can use to maximize their sales opportunities.  R&A Marketing has been focused on developing partnerships with independent retail furniture store owners since 1984.  If you’re thinking about taking your marketing to the next level check us out and see what our store owner partners have to say about us at

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