How to Increase Facebook Engagement to Drive More Sales

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As more marketers use Facebook to drive a purchase, the number of Facebook posts from brands has increased accordingly. More posts, however, do not mean higher levels of engagement. This BuzzSumo study shows that engagement has fallen by 20% since early 2017.

But not all companies have seen this drop in engagement. You can make sure your post activity does not fall victim to this trend by asking critical questions about your Facebook strategy.

How often should we post?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some marketers sustain high engagement posting up to 10 times per day. The key element is your ability to maintain high quality content across all post activity. For most marketers that means posting fewer times… perhaps just once or twice per day… making it easier to have quality content that generates high levels of engagement. Sometimes less is more.

What can we do to improve content?

The online world changes each and every day and requires constant attention to content to remain relevant and engaging. As you ask this question, consider the following content enhancements:

  • Use more video. Doing so can double engagement over text-only posts. Experiment using square and landscape video formats and see if one outperforms the other. Post videos directly to your page rather than using links to YouTube.
  • Share top-performing posts from other sources. Look for content from other brands that are relevant to your fans. This way you can increase audience reach and help build page likes.
  • Use Facebook Pages to watch results to see the kinds of posts that are getting more engagement. Create your posts to include trending styles and techniques.
  • Experiment with new content. The vast majority of your posts should include the content that is performing well for you. But don’t be afraid to go totally outside the box a small percentage (10% or less) of the time. Perhaps you’ll discover a new technique that puts you ahead of the curve before others adopt it. For example, early users of video received disproportionate increases in engagement because they were first to use it.

What else can we do to increase engagement?

This is a broad question that deserves a broad answer:

  • Create your posts specifically for Facebook rather than using the same content across all social platforms. Hashtags work well on Instagram, GIFs are good on Twitter but neither is suited as well to Facebook.
  • Don’t fall into the habit of posting at the same time every day. Review your Facebook Insights and monitor when your fans are online. Adjust the timing of your posts accordingly.
  • Solicit opinions from your audience when you post. Make it easy to respond and make sure you reply to comments in real time. Adding a name to each reply will give it a personal touch.
  • Boost your top posts with paid advertising. Using high performing content and expanding the audience increases reach and engagement far in excess of the cost.
  • Have fun with online contests and giveaways. This adds cost, so do it only occasionally. Make the gift relevant to your message and useful to your fans.

After asking and answering these questions you may very well create a new Facebook posting strategy, but be aware that nothing provides instant results. Give your new strategy time to build momentum for increasing engagement.

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