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What’s hot?

What’s the hottest ticket in your town? Where does everyone go on a Friday night? Where are all the kids? What are their parents doing? What’s being talked about over the water coolers on Monday morning? Is your company in touch? Are your people involved? Do you have banners in the right places, flying your colors over things they care about?

What’s the hottest need in your community? What gets people fired up? Where can you touch a need? Lend a hand? Change a life?

From high school hangouts to mayoral scandals, do you know the pulse of your community? What’s the hot button? What always gets a rise, always starts a conversation? “How ‘bout them Buckeyes?” works around here. Maybe in your town it’s just the weather.

What’s the hottest thing going in your store? Is everyone worked up about it? Excited? In the know? You’re your biggest fan. Ms. Jones won’t think it’s hot until you think it’s hot. Are you ready to turn up the heat?

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